2021/09/26(Sun) 13:40 -

Yamanashi Prefecture, Fujikyu Highland, Conifer Forest

2021 theme "HAPPINESS" How are you all? Are you crushed by stress? Are you angry and crazy? Last year, THE SOLAR BUDOKAN, which was held with almost no audience, is back. However, this year, the usual Nakatsugawa Park has become the vaccination venue, so we will change the venue to Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest. Because of this era, I want to hold it even if I change the location. I was worried. What is the theme of the festival to be held in this era? Some festivals could not be held. There is also a collapsed live house. Some people have had a great deal of trouble. But some people have made a lot of money. And some have died. We all wish for "happiness". And one day, my wish will surely come true. The stronger your wish, the stronger. It can't get in the way of anyone. Don't get in the way. Because it is not "someone's happiness" but "my own happiness". In THE SOLAR BUDOKAN, "my happiness" may be connected to "everyone's happiness". This is because the power of the sun conveys music. It is sunny every year because of its fundamental power. Sound is good because it is the fundamental power. This year, THE SOLAR BUDOKAN 2021 will be held at Fujikyu Highland Conifer Forest in Yamanashi Prefecture. Let's meet together at Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest on September 25.26, 2021 and strongly wish for "happiness". This year's theme is "HAPPINESS". THE SOLAR BUDOKAN presided over by Taiji Sato



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